Another Way to Support Surflight

Donations to Surflight don't always have to be in cash. Surflight is now prepared to accept donations of appreciated securities. In most cases, you realize a "double" tax benefit when you contribute appreciated securities:

  • You are entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of appreciated securities if they have been held for at least one year.
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.

For example: Mr. & Mrs. R.U. Generous purchased 100 shares of stock three years ago at $25 per share or $2,500. This stock is now worth $75  per share, or $7,500. If they sold the stock, they would pay capital gains taxes on the $5,000 of appreciation. If they donate the stock to Surflight, they are entitled to a charitable deduction of $7,500 from their taxes and pay no capital gains tax.

Since the Joseph P. Hayes Theatre, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, you may donate the stock to us and bypass the gain. Our organization is able to sell the stock without paying tax and has the full amount available to use toward our programming or improvement projects.

Remember, though, as with all tax-related issues, there are always details to consider that relate to your particular situation. We recommend you consult IRS Publication 526 or a tax professional for additional information, restrictions, and requirements.

 If you are considering making gift of securities to Surflight,
contact our Development Director at 609-492-9477 or
e-mail for more information

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