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The Surflight Theatre Apprentice program is for students between the ages of 14 and 18 and for older students or early career applicants. Apprentices are not paid and must be able to provide their own housing within commuting distance to the theatre.  Only rarely will Surflight provide housing for Apprentices over the age of 18. Apprentices are asked to commit to at least 4 weeks during the summer season (Memorial Day-Labor Day), 4 days per week, 4 hours per day, but may work more if interested and with parental permission.
Apprentices are scheduled at the convenience of their family; however, they must be available for all performance show calls if the Apprentice is asked to run crew for Children’s Theatre or a MainStage performance, and agrees to the position.
Apprentices may work any part of the day between 10 am-10 pm and are assigned to the shops during the day (costume, paint, scenic, properties) or may assist stage management. They may be assigned to running crew for either Children’s Theatre or MainStage (running spot light or assisting backstage) and are given Apprentice duties which may include serving as the Children’s Theatre mascot and assistant, souvenir program selling, dressing room cleanup, etc.. 
Apprenticeship is not a guarantee to perform; however, those accepted into the program may also audition to perform, and rehearsals/performance time will count toward time commitment to Surflight.

Applicants between the ages of 18-25 who have housing on or around LBI for the summer may also be considered for Apprenticeships. Occasionally, Surflight housing may be available for performing Apprentices.
Applicants for apprenticeships should have interest in the theatre, and/or a desire to learn.  Experience is not necessary.
Cover letter and dates of availability should be sent via e-mail, U.S mail or fax to:

Intern/Apprentice Coordinator
Surflight Theatre
P.O. Box 1155
Beach Haven , NJ 08008
609-492-4469 (fax)

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Parents, grandparents or guardians of teenagers may feel free to call 609-492-9477 and speak with Erin about Apprenticeships, or make an appointment to come to the theatre to speak personally.

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